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Cactus Embroidery Designs

Advocat Embroidery Design & Sanitizer Holder

Advocat Embroidery Design & Sanitizer Holder

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Embroidery design includes such sizes and thread colors:
Colors: 9
1. 3.33" x 3.63" (84.5 mm x 92.2 mm) – 10980 stitches
2. 4.19" x 4.57" (106.4 mm x 116.0 mm) – 14365 stitches
3. 5.05" x 5.51" (128.2 mm x 139.9 mm) – 18046 stitches
4. 5.90" x 6.45" (149.8 mm x 163.8 mm) – 22220 stitches
5. 6.77" x 7.40" (171.9 mm x 187.9 mm) – 26640 stitches
6. 7.62" x 8.34" (193.5 mm x 211.8 mm) – 31638 stitches

SMALL holder is perfect for most 1 oz. Hand Sanitizer Bottles
LARGE holder is perfect for most 2 oz. Hand Sanitizer Bottles
Snap HSH fits 5x7 hoop, Eyelet HSH fits 4x4 hoop

The embroidery design ZIP file contains 8 embroidery formats:

For the best result use dense fabric and embroidery stabilizer.

This is machine embroidery files, not a finished product. You must have an embroidery machine to use these files.
After downloading you need to unzip files to your computer.

Important: Because this is a digital files no refunds, returns, exchanges, or cancellations will be issued. But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

You may: make own products using digital copies, and dispose of the finished products at its own discretion.

You may NOT: transfer, copy or distribute in any other way digital copies of the products.
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