Notebook Cover Tutorial

Supplies needed:
1 piece of vinyl for the front part,
2 pieces of material for pockets and 1 piece of material for the lining. Tear away stabilizer or cut away stabilizer for dense designs. 
Scissors, threads, everything you might need.

1. Hoop stabilizer and stitch out placement stitch.

2. Place your material over placement stitches and run  next the step. This step will secure your material.

3. Here's what you should get.

4. Then stitch all design steps.

5. Flip the hoop and expand the guide lines. You will later use these lines to place the pockets.

6. On the same back of the hoop, place the lining fabric so that it covers all the stitches and secure it in place.

7. Run the next step and tack down the lining. 

8. Place both parts of the pockets on the back of the hoop using the guide lines and secure them in place.

9. Run the final step and tack down the pockets. 

10. Here's what you should get in the end.

11. Cut out by shape.
Profit! :)