ITH Monster Plushie Instruction

Supplies needed: 
2 piece of fabrics of your choice.
I used velboa faux fur fabric, but you can use what works best for you.
Tear away stabilizer (you can use cut away stabilizer if you like it more)
Two pieces of felt for horns.
WSS (water soluble stabilizer) on top.
For the smallest plushie sizes, it is better to have a tool like tweezers in the arsenal, I used a large tweezers for stuffing.
Scissors, threads, everything else as usual.
Hoop 1 Horns
1. Hoop stabilizer and stitch out placement stitch.

2. Place your material (felt or vinyl) over placement stitches and secure it in place. Then stitch all design steps
 except final!

3. Flip the hoop and place the felt fabric so that it covers all the stitches and secure it in place. Run the next step to tack down both parts.

4. Take the project out of the hoop, remove the stabilizer and cut everything by shape. The process is the same as for all feltie projects.

Hoop 2 Body

5. Hoop stabilizer and stitch out placement stitch.

6. Here I hurried to add the top stabilizer, it is better to put it on after all the details of the applique are done. Anyway, next we stitch parts for the belly and face. 
Then we put WSS on top and stitch all the details of our project.

7. Here's what you should get by now.

8. Then we have a placement stitch for details like loop (to make a key fob) and for horns.
First, I place the details to see how it will look.
Then I secure them as in the 2nd photo to sew them.

9. Example of details placement with a loop.

10. All details are sewn to the project.

11. Lay the material piece for the back face down over the whole design and make sure it covers all placement stitch too. Run the final outline step.

12. Remove hoop from machine.

Now you can remove project from hoop. Gently tear away stabilizer (or cut if
using cut away) being careful not to damage stitches.
Cut the design not too close to stitches. And it's better to leave some material near the hole.
Carefully turn your plushie right side out.

13. Stuff it with any material you like and then sew the opening.

Well done you made it!