ITH Hambo Plushie Instruction

Supplies needed:
For this project, we will need to make 3 hooping and for each of them we will need 2 pieces of soft plush fabric for the front and back, I used a very soft plush in a matching colour.
We will also need a stabiliser, I used a medium tear-away stabiliser.
You can also use WSS (water soluble stabilizer) on top. I didn't use it because I didn't see the need.
For the smallest plushie sizes, it is better to have a tool like tweezers, I used a large tweezers for stuffing. Scissors, threads, everything else as usual.

Hoop 1
1. Hoop stabilizer and stitch out placement stitch.

2. Place your material over placement stitches and secure it in place.

3. Then tack down the fabric and the upper stabilizer with the next step.

4. Follow the same steps for the Hoop 2.
Or you can place the limbs and ears parts in one large hoopas i did. After these steps, you should have all the details that we will sew to the body.

Hoop 3
5. To make the body of the plushie, we need to follow all the same steps. First hoop stabilizer and stitch out placement stitch. Then place your material over placement stitches and secure it in place. 

6. After that, stitch all the details on the design.

7. In this step, we have to sew the ears to the body. First, run the placement stitch, then secure the ears in the indicated places and run the tack down stitch.

8. Lay the material piece for the back face down over the whole design and make sure it covers all placement stitch too.

9. Run the final outline step.

10. Now all plushie parts should be ready, so it's time to carefully cut them into shape.

11. Carefully turn your plushie right side out.

12. Stuff it with any material you like and then sew the holes except for the hole on the body.

13. Sew the lower limbs to the body. I used a sewing machine for this because I was too lazy to do it by hand.

14. I sewed the upper limbs by hand with large stitches.

15. If you've made it this far, you've done a great job!