Hand Sanitizer Holder Tutorial

 You will need:
At least a 5x7- inch hoop, two pieces of vinyl (approx 7 by 3.5 inches long), one piece of vinyl about 3.5 by 3.5 inches, quilting or basting spray, adhesive double sided zipper/basting tape, sharp fabric shears, embroidery scissors, thread snips, kam snaps and kam snap press, belt hole punch, stabilizer (I use craft weight decor interfacing as a stabilizer, but use whatever works for you and does not shift or tear in the hoop)
Note: A softer, more pliable vinyl is ideal for this project, especially for the back piece and pocket. I suggest a vinyl with a slight texture to it, rather than a glossy or matte vinyl. Also smooth glitter canvas rather than glitter vinyl is ideal, as glitter vinyl is stickier and tends to drag when places on
the back of the hoop.

 Placement Stitch:​
Hoop the stabilizer and make sure the stabilizer is taut in the hoop. Run the first step, which is a placement stitch.
 Design for the front of the Hand Sanitizer Holder:​
Float 3x7 piece of vinyl on top of stabilizer (or spray a little bit of Spray adhesive on the back of the vinyl to keep the vinyl in place on the stabilizer) so that it completely covers the placement stitch. Stitch design out on the front of the hand sanitizer holder.
 The back of the hand sanitizer holder:​
Once the design is stitched out, flip the hoop over and use spray adhesive to stick the 2nd piece of 3x7 vinyl on the back, pretty side facing up at you. You’ll want to use a piece of vinyl that doesn’t drag to avoid thread nesting.
 Sometimes the adhesive does not bond to the fibers of the vinyl, in which case, use some double sided zipper tape to attach the back piece of vinyl to the stabilizer, but keep the tape out of the thread path. This is to prevent the vinyl from dragging and also to hold it in place.
 Hand Sanitizer pocket:​
After running next step you will notice that there is placement stitch for the back pocket. Flip over your hoop and align your 3.5 by 3.5 piece of vinyl so it lines up with those placement stitches and also covers the bottom half of the hand sanitizer holder. Use double sided zipper tape to hold in place, making sure the tape is out of the path of the needle. Run next step.
 Finishing the project with hardware and snaps:
You can use rivets to achieve a longer strap, or you can use a Kam snap with the female part of the snap installed on the pocket.
 Tips: mark where you’d like to place the snap or rivet with a pen on your hand sanitizer holder before punching a hole. Make sure you know where your snaps and rivets will go before making a mark. It helps if you test out what the shape of the final product will be by inserting a hand sanitizer or swivel clip, etc. so you can see how everything fits before you punch a hole and install the snaps/hardware.
 The End! ☺

Tutorial author: littlemermadesart