Card Wallet Instruction

Supplies needed:
1 piece of material for the front part,
1 piece of material for the pocket and 1 piece of material for the lining. Tear away stabilizer or cut away stabilizer for dense designs. 
Scissors, threads, everything else you might need.

1. Hoop some stabilizer and stitch out the placement stitch.

2. Place your material over the placement stitches and run next the step. Stitch out the entire design.

3. Flip the hoop and place the lining fabric so that it covers all the stitches and secure it in place.

4. Run the next step and tack down the lining.

5. Place the pocket on the back of the hoop using the guidelines and secure in place.
I use WSS on the both sides, because this vinyl is sticky and i want to keep everything smooth.

6. Run the final step and tack down the pocket.

7. Cut the project by shape, add some hardware and you're done!